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Xen Image Manager

Xim is my little pet project to create a robust system for managing storage of disk images for Xen virtual machines, including propagation of images among members of a cluster to provide backup and rapid migration. The architecture is designed to remove the requirement for a shared storage mechanism and allow a cluster of Xen nodes to communicate directly, with all storage managed directly on the nodes. This allows a cluster to grow without the storage system becoming a bottleneck.

It's working remarkably well so far, at least in the two little clusters I run at IVT.

There's no(t much) documentation yet (typical!) but it's now available under the GPL and I've made the Subversion repo publicly accessible, so grab a copy like this:

svn co xim

Most commands are self-documenting: if you call a command without arguments it should tell you what it needs. So for example just do "./xim propagate" for a list of arguments required for the propagate command.